Muve Drive

Be One’s Own Boss

Set your own time and terms

Calling all drivers! Increase your income with Muve! If you own a vehicle, join us and unlock a world of opportunities. Whether you have a Tuk Tuk, car, van, or a luxury ride, Muve welcomes you to become a part of our driver community. Drive with us and turn every mile into a rewarding journey!

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Muve Ride

Get, Set, Go

Easy booking

With Muve, discover Sri Lanka’s next generation of transportation! Committed to your safety, our app brings you an exciting array of ride options, from lively Tuk Tuks to classy cars, roomy vans, and luxurious vehicles.

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Why Muve?

Instant Booking

Access to a ride with a few taps on a smartphone. With 24/7 availability catch a ride within 2 minutes.

Safety and Security

We verify our drivers by conducting a series of background checks. With real-time tracking, we make sure you are safe.

Transparent Pricing

Are you tired of unclear and unfair pricing? You receive fare estimates before booking, avoiding surprises at the end of the ride.

Comfort and Choice

You can choose between different vehicle types based on your needs and preferences.