While we hope that everything goes smoothly on every trip you plan using the Muve app, we  acknowledge that mishaps do occur. If a trip does not live up to your expectations, you can rate your  driver in the app and provide feedback. Alternatively, you can report a more serious issue or think there  was a pricing error to our Support team. In certain circumstances, our Passenger Refund Policy might  apply to your report.

We are providing examples of situations in which you might be qualified for a complete or partial  reimbursement of the purchase price because we want you to know what to anticipate when you report  problems. Tell us of any problems you encounter while traveling within 30 days. Every request will be  considered individually and at Muve’s sole discretion. 

Recall that Muve is an app-based marketplace that links users to completed trips that have been  requested by passengers and approved by drivers. It is entirely up to you as a passenger to decide  whether or not to go. Before embarking on a trip, passengers can access information from Muve,  including:

  • Pricing and other app estimates, such as an upfront cost and an estimated arrival time.
  • Details about the car and driver, such as the type of vehicle, license plate, and driver’s name.

It is your duty as a passenger to ensure that the information is correct and up to your standards of  quality. In the event that you choose to travel, you agree to the terms of service and assume liability for  the trip’s successful payment.

When can I expect a refund, either in full or in part?

Here are some instances in which you might be qualified for a full or partial refund:

  • A fare or fee was applied incorrectly, or there was a technical problem with your trip—for  example, an eligible promotion that did not apply correctly.
  • There was no reason for your trip cost to be substantially more than what the app estimated  when you first booked, and it had nothing to do with extra stops or a different destination.
  • The distance you needed to walk to reach your desired destination was not covered during your  trip.
  • There are other concerns about fraud, or you or the intended passenger did not take the trip.

When am I not entitled to a reimbursement, either in full or in part?

You won’t be able to get a full or partial refund in the following situations, for example:

  • A problem with the quality of the vehicle or the type of vehicle that was sent for your journey. Tip: To help drivers become aware of problems with their vehicles, you can use Muve’s  two-way rating system or get in touch with customer support.
  • A problem where a driver falls short of your standards for quality. Tip: To provide drivers feedback regarding their service, you can use Muve’s two-way  rating system or get in touch with customer service.
  • A problem brought on by a mistake made by the user, such as asking for the incorrect kind of car.
  • A delay or problem with routing that occurs during a trip because of uncontrollable  circumstances (such as traffic or construction), or a change in cost as a result of adding or  deleting stops or changing your intended destination after the trip has commenced.

Please be aware that any incidents pertaining to safety are handled by a dedicated team and can be  reported to help@muvemobility.com.

Taking Care of Your Request 

Within 30 days of experiencing a problem, you can contact Muve’s customer support team via the app  or at help@muvemobility.com with a general complaint or request for a refund regarding your trip. If  we find you qualify, any refunds should arrive back to your original payment method, usually in three to  five business days, depending on your bank.

False Reports

Every report is looked into by us. When disputing fees or charges, giving false information about your  trip experience is against Muve’s community guidelines. You risk having your request rejected and/or  having your account canceled as a result.